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Software House, In-House Team, or Freelancer: Which is the best option?


How can you tell if someone is an expert? They’ll often answer difficult questions with “it depends.” In most cases, there are no clear-cut answers to challenging questions, which is why a full analysis is necessary before coming to a conclusion.

So, what factors influence the answer to this question? In this case, there are three key criteria:

Throughout my career, I have used all three of these approaches to developing IT projects. At first, I often turned to freelancers who could complete projects “cheaply.” I put the word cheaply in quotation marks because, as with physical products (shoes, clothing, electronics), cheap often does not equate to good quality, and can ultimately cost us more in the long run. This is not to say that I never successfully completed projects with the help of freelancers – there were a few such projects – but they were usually small in scope and budget (points 2 and 3 on the list).


“If you have the competencies to verify a freelancer’s work, the project is small and not intended for scaling/long-term development, it is worth considering this form of collaboration.”

I had the advantage of being able to verify the quality of their work based on my knowledge of the IT industry (point 1), so over time I came to understand that even the best freelancer will not be fully invested in my product and will not give their all like an in-house employee would.

The global IT market is currently facing a shortage of specialists. Building a new team from scratch is possible, but it takes time. Additionally, you have to take into account employee turnover and misfires in the recruitment process, which can be costly. Hiring someone to build a team in-house is a good option if you have a long-term project with a large budget and the resources to manage it.

But what if you don’t have the internal resources/competencies? In this case, you have two options: hire someone who does have those resources and task them with building a team in-house, or hire someone who has those resources and has a pool of developer resources (a software house).

In summary

The best option for you will depend on your internal resources/competencies, budget, and time and work schedule. If you have the necessary resources and a long-term project with a large budget, it may be worth building a team in-house. If you don’t have those resources, or if the project is small or of short duration, it may be better to work with a freelancer or software house. As always, it is important to conduct a thorough analysis before making a decision.

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